Uh..you forgot to mention something!

I find the choice of words very curious on this mural outside the site on 3rd and Bond that is currently being excavated in preparation for the construction for a bunch of "luxury" (is there any other kind?) condos.What about what happened AFTER the revolutionary war? Industrial Revolution anyone? Coal processing plants, fertilizer factories, oil refineries? They all existed rather close together in this very area. This piece of land is in between the uber toxic public place site and most likely not to be built Whole Foods site on Third Street. It's at spitting distance from the canal itself which is, an aquatic brownfield.

Also, since when is an artist excited about war? Let's do some slight word changing, shall we?"

You are here, where revolutionary war battles were fought by developers, steering longtime residents into the marshlands of brooklyn, right here where the ground is still soft, you are here at the site of excavation where toxins are released and brownfields are revealed.

There that's better!!!


Art Dog's Cousin Vinnie said...

HOLY SHIT! This text is nauseating;
the artwork of all those horses, hilarious; and the self-promoting of the artist with her website right there under the work a dead give-away: This chick has GOT TO GO TO A CHELSEA GALLERY ASAP!!! and GET OFF THE STREETS OF BROOKLYN before I do something I might regret like take a doggie dump right there under the Pasqualina a.k.a "Artist for Sale" script. Talk about my spirits getting released! Off the streets of Carroll Gardens PASQUALINA! You definitely belong in Chelsea. It's warmer there too; you'll like it, I promise.

The Ghost of Peggy Guggenheim said...

I don't think she belongs in Chelsea either. That text is pathetic. I mean romanticising the revolutionary war? It is completely weird, she needs to read up on the history of the area, very surprising for an artist to take this bizarre angle. Maybe this is this something the developers suggested to her? I went to her website and she is definitely not from NY.

Thank you FIB for pointing this out. and it is really sad that she prob. doesnt make enough to live in this place that is trying so hard to be PC or whatever.

Angry M.F. Fisher, WWIB said...

Q: what happened in Brooklyn-- even in parts of that which would become South Brooklyn-- before the Revolutionary War & for, oh, fifty years ago?


I will refrain from saying more on local history or bad painting & prose, tho' my quiet is not any implied comment on FIB, Art Dog or Ghost O' PG, all of whom this Girl Reporter was delighted to roll with today.


Angry M.F. Fisher
Food Writer
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Mark Buckland said...

Why are so many condos springing up in Brooklyn? I'm going to live in Brooklyn in August and I'm amazed by the amount of posts on your blog about all these developments...looks like they're taking the soul right out of the area!