D.I.Y Network submits a special "Found in Brooklyn" story.

So, somehow the the D.I.Y network has found F.I.B but as they say this is a"found in brooklyn" story. Please read the following email.

Hi Lisa, (it's really Lisanne)

Brooklyn contractors did on this new DIY Network show called Under Construction. The show follows them as they build, demolish, and renovate projects all over NYC. We're doing some promotion for the show, and got the following behind-the-scenes footage that captures a virtual warehouse of dog poop in a Park Slope backyard:

As a fellow Carroll Gardens resident, I can always sympathize with a poop problem! Would love to know what you think.

Jerri Chou
360i on behalf of DIY Network

What do I think? I think that building is pretty hideous. No sound on my computer so I hope the dialogue was fascinating!!

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