Found in Park Slope

Although I DID get kneecapped by a child waving some sort of stick around and who was also too big to be in a stroller on my jaunt to Park Slope today, I came upon some evidence that there are still other forms of life residing here besides this "stroller mafia" that I've been hearing so much about lately.Why let pesky clothing get in the way of your sun salutation? Hot Nude Yoga anyone?

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Sgt. Lipschitz/ aka Hogan's Hero said...

As a veteran of the "big one" (aka the early 80s liberation of the Caribbean nation of Grenada), I want to say that while I support the troops in our current conflict, I say we need to bring them home. In particular, we need to bring them all to homes in Park Slope, where they can help lead Live Nude Yoga sessions.

So while all you civilians burn your draft cards and grow your hair long as you listen to those Beatles albums backwards, remember who has made it possible for you to do your mountain pose with all yer bits hanging out.

Ten Hutt!