Found ON Brighton Beach!

Went out to Coney Island today to clear my head, my head was in such need of clearing I forgot my camera so due to the limitations of my cel phone camera (ah technology!) I could not get this shot in full. The best part is left out! This gem of a message in the sand says:

This city is my fav place (Manhattan & Brooklyn)

My sentiments exactly!

I've been here far too long! And where else can I jump on a train and take in the sea air?

On my contemplative jaunt along the shore from Coney Island to Brighton Beach I saw quite a few renegade swimmers of the Russian persuasion catching some waves and also some other great messages in the sand that were way to big to photograph, my fave was BINGO! WE MISS YOU!!!!

P.S- If you want to see some friggin' AWESOME pictures of the Polar Bear Swim on New Year's Day, check out Brit in Brooklyn. I love how this guy always seems to throw himself into the middle of everything, water on the lens and everythang!

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Ray Johnson said...

Thank you for the picture. You're welcome at any time to come and unwind by Sheepshead Bay.

Ray from Sheepshead Bites