Idiot-rodder pays homage to Robert Scarano.

I know this is a cheap shot but it's just a wee bit of pay back to the man who pisses on everybody else.

Stepping outside today, these crazy kids were pushing their stolen shopping carts past F.I.B headquarters, I had no idea what was going on for a split second before I had that A-Hah! moment. Living on this block I am used to people pushing shopping carts by my door but usually they are full of scrap metal not beer. I heard about the Idiotarod but it was nothing that I felt the urge to check out, a bit too jockular and dorky for me, but I got to catch some of it anyway, apparantly part of the Idiotarod route was to loop around the deadend on 2nd Street and go along the shore of the Gowanus and come out on the Carroll St. side. There was a bit of a back up and a whole lot of confusion. Some obligitory picures for your pleasure...

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