The Girl on the Potato Chip Truck

Does anybody else out there love the Utz girl as I do?


Berenice "The Abbott"/BZA said...

Hold that chip, FIB! Or, my preference, tha saltless pretzel. Your photo's from the plaza at Smith & 2nd, crazy (great) Chinese auto shop at right, crazy (and very interesting) Frank & Daughter left, with the Korean deli guy & his Mexican shop boys to the left of that.

I'm on The Campaign Trail at the moment & might not be able to access my Utz chick pix but... if I can I'll send 'em along.

Also, what the fuck is up with all this Heath Ledger shit? Sometimes I am truly embarrassed to have call these yokels my fellow Brooklynites.

I'm ** SURE ** btw, the next black or latino person born, raised & killed in Brooklyn will receive abundant love & sympathy from the BK blogidad. (Just like they all remember Yusuf Hawkins, Ol' Dirty Bastard or that young girl killed by the snowplow in Red Hook a few years ago.)

Under The Spanish Moss,


MizAnon said...

I'm beginning to wonder about what kind of idiots read your blog.
BZA: your cliche p.c. comments are what's embarrassing... Some of us hold a special place for art and talent or the loss thereof.

Lisanne McT said...

I know! I thought this post was a celebration of the beauty of the Utz GIRL!!!!