Rally for Down Zoning with Bill DeBlasio Tomorrow at 16 Court Street at 11 am.

Art Dog did not write on the sign with all the info you need if you are interested in going to this rally that Councilman Bill DeBlasio has organized it. Hmmm.... I wonder why?

Personally, I can't get past his pro-Atlantic Yards stance and view that an $80,000 income makes one qualify for "affordable" housing.

Oh and by the way Art Dog will be participating in F.I.B's Group Art Show on February 2nd. I am not complaining but the complicated way that I have been instructed to pick up the work, something to do with a blindfold and a map and a text message better be worth it!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Art Dog is waiting for Bill de Blasio to actually DO SOMETHING about downzoning first? (Besides call for a rally I mean)...Anyhow I thought citizens were the ones usually calling for a rally... am I wrong? Since when do POLS call for them? Isn't that really a POL calling for a photo op with active citizens in the pic surrounding him/her so it looks like he/she is busy doing something?
Maybe it's just me. If Bill's not interested in downzoning then I suggest the next rally he calls should be in front of that Revolutionary War "art work" you posted from the Third and Bond development, Lisanne. At least that way it will be crystal clear to everybody who is on who's side.

Lisanne McT said...

No it's not "just you", you got my drift, anon.

The Catholic Ironworker said...

Bill DeBlasio is a fatuous horse's ass-- google this, Bill!!-- & remember, he was also

Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager

I assume "former" is only because he is a power mad himself, NOT that he wanted to repudiate her, as ** every ** 1/2 sentient man and woman from across the spectrum is a goddamn idiot not to do. (Let's start in Waco, pause with the end of term pardons & continue with Iraq, as well as the "Brooklyn Bridge Park" for that matter.)

Care to reply, Bill? The podium is all yours, schmuck.

Union St