Heath Ledger

Sad that he died so young and I'm sure the Brooklyn Paper is going to have a field day with this as stalking Heath was one of their favorite activities. I received an email today that is too good not to print.


I know nothing about heath ledger or his idiot or genius (i have no idea) wife but i wonder if that paper is going to run


like it's world war iii

since they were w/o question among The Greatest Most Fascinating Brooklyn People Who Ever Lived

1) bc it hyped real estate even more

2) it some "validated" the decision of yokels who played along with that or perhaps themselves never REALLY wanted to live here.

I wouldn't recognize him or his woman if they were pushing an suv-sized stroller into me on smith st so this has nothing to do w/their work........they shoulda stayed outta brooklyn too, PLEASE.


Joyce Hanson said...

Brooklyn aside, it's sad and strange that a young man of talent should die when he had so much reason to live. When I heard the news, I thought there must have been some kind of mistake, and he couldn't really be gone forever. Surely, his wealth, youth, good looks and fame should have been able to pull him back over to the side of the living. And his daughter is only two years old.

MizAnon said...

Get over the real estate and go see his work -- all of it, not just the Brokeback blockbuster. This talented, charismatic, handsome and generous stranger always made me happy when I saw his films. We all lose what he surely still had to give us over the next 50 years.

Lisanne McT said...
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Lisanne McT said...

Some people just aren't happy no matter what they have. Depression is a sly and cunning thing. He's not the first wealthy, youthful, good looking famous person that's offed themselves...that other email is referring to a local paper's insane coverage of heath ledger moving into boerum hill, it's like they inserted it into every story, even a story where I was quoted about Bond Street! something about Heath Ledger on a skateboard is a more commons sighting on Bond St. than the wild dogs of yore, yeah whateva...

mizanon said...

If you have never succumbed to this man's extraordinary talent and charms, its easy to lose sight of what's important about this story. What celebrity doesn't get written about ad nauseum?(Who cares.)
It also has not yet been proven that he intentionally took his own life.

Come In, Darling Anon said...

So... where exactly is all the great Brooklyn sorrow and compassion for the teenage boy stabbed to death yesterday in Coney Island night? Or is not "cute" enough to merit a moment of reflection?

Heck, he might even have been very good looking but you star besotted mourners will never see his picture, will you? If that young man was dating a celebrity (or had a lot more money), I suppose it might have made his youthful passing a little more interesting.

Oh, but he was so tortured! Right, and so might some of the people in Gowanus Houses be without proper medical care but I don't see any great "brownstone" concern for them. Maybe they lack the universal of "The Great" (cough) Heath Ledger?

cough: I'd like to get this checked out but without health insurance, I don't have money to see a doctor.

MizAnon said...

Darling Anon, (or should I call you Bitter Anon)
Of course, all human life is valuable and precious... but when someone dies who has touched our lives, we tend to react more emotionally, duh.
Heath Ledger was a talented artist who brought joy to many of us. Perhaps you hold no special regard for art and artists but how about saving your insensitive comments and respect those who mourn for him?