CB6/Toll Brothers Meet Thursday 6pm

Recently added to the building on 3rd and 3rd. Very timely.

The Toll Brothers comes before the Community Board 6 on Thursday night for the next round in the rezoning process. Be there if you care and you can speak for or against if you want to. Read the details below for the specifics.

Discussion and formulation of a recommendation on ULURP No. C090047ZMK, an application for an amendment of the Zoning Map.

Discussion and forumation of a recommendation on ULURP No. C090048ZSK, an application for a special permit to modify height and setback requirements, rear yard regulations and inner court regulations at 363-365 Bond Street (Block 452, Lots 1, 5, 15, 19 and Block 458, Lot 1).

Also! Has any one read this pro-Toll Brothers editorial in the Brooklyn Paper? I always knew they were all for it as their journalism has been slanted throughout (under reporting the amount of people that show up for community meetings for one example!) They claim that the Toll Brothers are saving "the soul of the Gowanus"! What a load of raw sewage Batman!

Read the crap here and prepare to roll your eyes.

The meeting is being held at:

P.S. 32 - Auditorium
317 Hoyt Street
(Union/President Streets)

6:00 PM

Photo compliments of Brian Berger.

1 comment:

Angela Profaci said...

Gersh Kuntzman is an idiot, and a gross embarrassment to both community journalism and Brooklyn. He's run that paper into the ground and no amount of circle jerk awards will change that fact, if you compare what he's done to how the paper was previously.

Also, some of his hires are pathetic, even if if the pay is shit. Oh where oh where's the "great" Ariella Cohen now? Whatever, a hapless know-nothing kid who but her BOSS, who pretends to know better.

Hey Gersh, grow a goddamn set and admit you don't know or care one fucking whit for the environment, or the Gowanus. Or, tell us, what history have you read that you know anything about "soul"? Seems to me you've spend a lot more time trying to be the 10th rate Gabe Kaplan of the BK press than you have thinking about anything.

Mizz FIB, Beautiful, don't forget Gersh has been stroking Joe Sitt a good while too.

Gersh likes to whip out his pud to show that Bruce Ratner's lipprints are on it but big deal: that's SO obviously dumb, and corrupt... Meanwhile, where the fuck was Gersh--

1) when Myrtle & Willoughby were razed to make way for Metrotech-- write, or care, about black people much, Gersh? I didn't think so.

2) when the Atlantic Terminal crap went up?

3) when public monies were spent on the fucking Cyclones stadium?

4) when the Thunderbolt was razed?

Oh wait, I forgot, he was a working his way towards being a New York Post reject then, my mistake.

Now that you ARE the city desk, Gersh, what's your fucking excuse?