The Death of Brooklyn

What does it mean? Brooklyn died a long time ago?

F.I.B spends some time at the Bay Parkway subway station a couple times a week. For those that don't know it overlooks Washington cemetery. The cemetery is densely packed with the tombstones on land divided in half by the subway/Bay Parkway and bordered by a sanitation station, housing and ironically a "Wholesale Liquidators". This particular tombstone is a mystery to me. Most of the people buried here are jewish, going back to the early 1900's. The newer stones have photographic images on them, mostly Russian Jews.
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R.I.P - Astroland.

I guess as Lawrence Ferlinghetti wrote there is a part of Cony Island that is of the mind and I feel that is a major part of it's mystique. Hopefully that spirit will not be overtaken by Niketown although it wouldn't suprise me if some corporation would co-opt the beat poem into their ad campaign eventually.


Anonymous said...

Interesting take and segue on things.

Anonymous said...

strange tombstone. prophetic?

Richard Nickel, Jr. said...

It's such a shame - and all those acres are likely going to just sit vacant next season.

Joe Sitt can suck it. I hope he loses millions on his "development" efforts down there.

Anonymous said...

'BLYN' -- not: 'BKLYN' ???

Lisanne McT said...

Close enough for me!

Russ Mars said...

Loved the Ferlinghetti poem!

I try to keep in mind that as Brooklyn changes, so does everything. Change, so it seems, is truly the only thing we can count on.