So What's Up With Coney Next Year?

The last firework show for the summer at Coney Island. The view from in front of Ruby's was primo!!!

I haven't said much about Coney Island's potential doom this year as last year there was so much drama about it closing and then it ended up being open for another year. I suppose I fell victim for what the powers that be like to do, BEAT YOU DOWN! Anyway, Carol Albert, whose family has operated Astroland for many years chose to sell Astroland to developer Joe Sitt about two years ago and afterwards had second thoughts about what hand she dealt to the NYC public as far as the future of Coney Island. Now she is saying if she doesn't get a 2 year lease by September 4th at 1pm she is shutting it down. Thanks Carol. For all your wise moves. Anyway our current Mayor Bloomberg (I hope to GOD he doesn't get his wish of extending his Mayorship!!) has big plans involving Niketowns, multiplexes and all the things you don't need to go to the beach for to visit. HELLO!!! Oh YEAH it's gonna bring minimum wage jobs for the locals and shut down the unique family businesses such as my friend Desree's Pina Colada Hut on Jones Walk. The area needs to be rezoned for this plan to happen and that is going to take some time. The only shining light in this situation is that Coney Island USA owns their building and I give them ALL the credit in the world for rejuvenating Coney Island over the last 20 years. Go to the Coney Island Message board here for all the news.

It would be a shame if Astroland shut down next summer, the way I see it, so many people enjoy it and it has so much history, why ruin it? Greed at the expense of others is something I will never understand as a hand to mouth life loving resident of Brooklyn and the world. Don't these politicians see the UGLINESS IN THEIR PLANS? Why no! Because it's not anything that they would participate in. They spend their leisure time in the places you see in Travel and Leisure Magazine completely out of touch with the average Joe who they think live to shop in malls. SAVE CONEY ISLAND!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I could never figure out WHY she sold it and then regretted it, she must have such a load of guilt on her for doing that. I cant keep track anymore about whats going on, last year i was an expert, youre right it gets to a point that your energy gets beat down, or at least replaced by new injustices.

and your right about Coney Island USA. good people.