Coney Island Siren Festival 2007

The weather could not have been better as we showed up late Saturday afternoon just in time to catch “The Black Lips” (photo above) at the Siren Festival. They sounded pretty durn good. My friend and I got sort of barricaded and penned into a side area (the downfall of this festival) so we didn’t get too close to the stage. Behind us amongst the throng of heated up humanity was a most ridiculous and sort of scary sight......

A hipster couple with an infant, in the hot sun, jammed in the crowd and to protect their baby? A huge set of adult size headphones of course! I think they weighed more than the baby’s head! It was like watching child abuse in another form. Bizarre and selfish behavior on the parent’s part, poor kid. He will grow up to hate rock and roll (OR MAYBE JUST HIS PARENTS!)

O.K! Back to the show! I got pretty close up for the NY Dolls who closed the show. Check out my cheap camera video with the excellent sound as they sing the tender love song, “Trash” and segue into “Jet Boy". David Jo’s voice is really like no one else’s, so classic.
In between the bands, (those were the only two I could brave the penning and barricading for) we enjoyed the day, such fab weather! We observed the pale skinny hipsters with the headbands frolic amongst the usual Saturday Coney crowds, the men with cameras with the huge telephoto lenses taking stalkerish pictures of woman on the beach (SO creepy!), ate tacos, won prizes etc. etc. It was a great day for people watching and a busy day for all the vendors. I wish that it could just STAY like this! Oh and next time you are there and are craving a tropical elixir, go to “The Pina Colada Hut” on Jones Walk near Deno’s Wonder Wheel. There you will meet “Found in Brooklyn” reader and new friend, Desree. She makes a mean Pina Colada! Go there and tell her “Found in Brooklyn” sent you!


Anonymous said...

David Jo's sill got it, voice, energy and all...how many 40-something's can get away with wearing a spandex body suit?!

Lisanne McT said...

Actually he was wearing very tight jeans and at shirt..not that he couldn't wear spandex!