"All Hands on Deck" for CORD meeting with Bill DeBlasio.

I came home tonight and that damn tree branch was STILL lying there (despite NY Times AND Gothamist coverage I might add!) If it stays there any longer I will drag it myself to "Public Place" and let them deal with it during their 700 million dollar clean up job!

Here's the latest from CORD :By the way CORD stands for "Carroll Gardens Coalition to Respectfully Develop".

On Monday we will be finding out from Mr. Tom Gray, Mr. deBlasio's assistant, WHERE and WHEN the TOWN HALL MEETING with Mr. Bill deBlasio will take place devoted to: The proposed development of 360 Smith Street,the CORD petition and the current and future zoning and landmarking status of Carroll Gardens.

This meeting was requested by CORD to Mr. deBlasio immediately after CORD hand-delivered our petition to Mr. deBlasio's office with our first fifteen hundred signatures.

CORD has been told by Mr. Gray that this town hall event will be next week sometime and we assume the notice might be short. Please be ready to attend this TOWN HALL MEETING and support our petition.! We need as many people as possible to come to this town hall meeting!

This TOWN HALL EVENT is NOT to be confused with Mr. deBlasio's open house this coming tues, July 24 bet 3 and 7 pm at his office. The TOWN HALL MEETING TIME AND PLACE IS STILL TBA! (to be announced this Monday, as we said).

From CORD :

Today we are recommending that all of our readers and petition signers please do the following:
Please contact Ms. Amanda Burden, Chair, City Planning Commission! Please remind her that last week, we sent her our petition with our first 1500 hundred signatures and that WE NEED HER HELP!

Please copy/paste the following letter and deliver it to this link: City Planning

Dear Ms Burden,

Our organization,CORD, mailed a packet to you last week. It contained a petition that was born out of frustration over a development located at 360 Smith St/127-131 2 Place in Carroll Gardens, Bklyn. The list of signatures continues to grow. We would like to know where the city "planning" is in this project? This proposed residence may be "as of right", but how can city planning allow a building of this size/bulk to be built on a small street like 2nd place? How can this be plopped here with no consideration or improvements to our ancient infrastructure? There will be more and more projects just like this one. We are being invaded.Yet the schools,roads, sewage system,etc all remain the same. Community Board 6 says-nothing we can do-local officials-same story.Down/re-zone? Takes time--any permits requested beforehand are grandfathered in. You represent planning. What do you plan to do for us?

Thank you.
(your name here)

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