Babylon Circus at "The Park"

French band "Babylon CIrcus" played a rousing set of music that was equal parts ska and danchall reggae with some eastern european gypsy thrown into the mix. Refreshing to see performers with style AND energy! Check out my little unedited camera video, you will see what I mean.

This was the first show at new spot "The Park" on Carroll St. by the bridge. I'm sure it will become a popular spot as the summer goes on, let's hope it stays as friendly and unpretentious as it was today.


who walk in brooklyn said...

whoa, that's noisier/more no wave-y than i expected, not in a bad way tho'. also, regarding another post, yeah, what's up w/all this culture crap, FIB? i thought Brooklyn blogs were supposed to only be about--

* real estate
* "renovating"
* luxury baby "couture"
* brunch
* the occasional old sign & "the quaint" story behind it

(remember "Greenwood Heights" or "East Williamsburg" when... uh, no, we don't, because they did not exist. i hear "The Columbia St Waterfront District" is "up & coming," however.)

meanwhile, speaking of dancehall & such, funny you mention that... there are a # of record stores that sell "dub plates" & such, or claim they do, in Flatbush & Flatlands & Cypress Hill.


p/s: i was in Austin a few years at the same time as Gibby; he had some black & flames quasi-hot rod you'd see around & ... let's just say you saw him what was their ARTISTIC peak, for sure.

Anonymous said...

that was rather atypical of what they sound like...too bad you didn't get the lead singer with the other guy riffing off him...they did great crisp duos together which were much more upbeat and energetic and clean...

Lisanne McT said...

i guess i don't like "clean"...especially on the banks of the Gowanus Canal! and if you don't think that was energetic..you must be on crystal meth!

who walk in brooklyn said...

oh man, & i ** liked ** the no wave sorta vibe i got from that, made me think they were down with the Contortions maybe.



forgot to look for that before... WOW.

Anonymous said...

clean as in strong and simple lines...I was talking about the video you captured...it was one of their more bogged down pieces...no crystal meth here Miz Leeez!

Lisanne McT said...

Anon, is this who i think it is? Did you perhaps encourage rock throwing with a beevis and butthead type duo before the band went on? If so, that is besides the point, i still don"t like "clean"! but as this is an open forum i respect your opinion....