Tree Limb STILL lying in subway plaza!

The limb that fell from a tree on William Stern’s property (360 Smith Street) onto the Carroll Street subway plaza is STILL lying there. How long has it been now? Two weeks?! Rumor has it that it is either going to be dressed up and put in Carroll Park to scare “the hooligans” away or put on a leash and brought to the pending C.O.R.D meeting with Bill De Blasio!

Since THAT meeting which was originally thought to be this week might not happen until around Labor Day it will be interesting to see if the limb will still be lying there. Bets anyone?

No one seems to know whose responsiblility it is to maintain that subway plaza. I know that when it snows no one shovels it and when the gentleman in the wheelchair (a Carroll St. fixture) was able to walk, he used to sweep it.

Anyway, some members of CORD (Carroll Gardens Organization to Respectfully Develop) went to Bill De Blasio's barbeque yesterday. Read more about what’s going on here, here and here.


who walk in brooklyn said...

& "assemblywoman" Joan Millman's office a cpl blocks up on Smith St does... exactly what again?

very little it seems & hey Joanie: if you or one of your flacks are reading this... prove us wrong.

thanks in advance for serving us so ably,


Anonymous said...

Since the Plaza belongs to the developer (Mr. Stein) then where are the developer's clean up crew? Maybe Mr. Stein likes the Plaza to look so very ugly so that anything, even his huge, seven story building "Heavy Metal" Scarano building would make it look "prettier"?

Lisanne McT said...

anon-you are most likely right.