The voice of the people seems to mean nothing in this day and age..it is SO WRONG!!!!

The latest happenings as somberly reported by CORD regarding 360 Smith.

Many residents here were totally blown away after seeing a rough sketch of the proposed building for 360 Smith that developer Mr. William Stein plans on building. With or without the trademark Scarano elements the building is clearly massive. On the southern-most corner of the Smith Street side, where the building facade will be "commercial" not residential is a seventy foot tower. This rectangular prism juts vertically into space sure to cast an enormous shadow and act as a light barrier for all the buildings on Smith Street. The rest of the commercial facade is very tall and goes along the Smith street sidewalk with no set back and joins the Hannah Senesh School known for its VERY! eclectic mix and match materials and colored architecture. The new facade in turn, will cast an enormous shadow on Second Street.

On the Second Place side the wall height is a bit lower but then after a set-back, it too ascends higher, not once, but twice. On this side the wall has a residential style unlike the one on Smith Street. There is an above ground parking lot with an entrance to the garage from Second Place, an until now, gorgeous brownstone block with four story buildings trees and front gardens.

(The sketch, btw, is reliable and emanates from a politician's office) Residents were angry and demanding answers from politicians. "How can they let this happen to us?" was heard again and again. And, "How dare Mr. Stein do this, when he supposedly says he "loves" Carroll Gardens?" And, "No one who loves Carroll Gardens would ever build this size and scale on this corner, where it completely dwarfs everything else......" lastly, as for the idea of Mr. Stein living in the penthouse? Some residents said, "yeah right" and "he said that to get more square footage to make more money". and others said many curse words. And many said what do we do now?

CORD is recommending people contact Patricia Lancaster at the DOB to call into question last week's approvals. There is also the "squirrel" letter and link on the CORD website for Amanda Burden. . And of course the petition! And calling the POLS for these two weeks! (That should be plenty of "homework" for everyone....)

The only definitive info the public has gotten until now from any source re: actual details/finished sketches/etc. is where the garbage will go for the 46 families, Answer: Second Place.
The rest???? Only the "little birdies" know for sure as this project is "as of right".

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JustCurious said...

Hi Lisanne,
I have been out of town this last week, but it sure seems that thaings are hopping in good old Carroll Gardens. I can't believe that DOB is approving permits after all the negative press against Scarano. But then, the building is as of right, which makes it very difficult.
I think Carroll Gardens needs to organize a major protest and to march on Borough Hall. What do you think?

Lisanne McT said...

Well...i am pretty cynical today, that stuff never seems to work.
Yeah it IS shocking that DOB issued permits and the plan seems even more obnoxious, they really are living in their own bubble and probrbly find it hilarious that they have the neighborhood so up in arms, money grubbing power trippers....

JustCurious said...

Yea, just for once I would like Carroll Gardens to get the same respect as Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill. So far our demands for protection and land-mark status have not been taken seriously.
As far as a protest march, one thing I have learned is that politicians love good press coverage, but HATE negative press. A march would be very negative press against all the politicians who have been ignoring our request.

Lisanne McT said...

I just think about the Atlantic yards and get reallly negative about doing anything although i know one corner in CG is minute compared to that.....