Carroll Gardens petition dropped off with 1500 signatures.

Here is the latest on what is happening with the petition that CORD (Carroll Gardens Organization to Respectfully Develop), started against the building of a too tall and out of Carroll Gardens character building at 360 Smith Street. They just dropped off the petition with 1500 signatures and urge you to sign if you haven't already. You can still sign at their website. Here is what their email said:

CORD has dropped off the "first" fifteen hundred signatures (we at CORD are only "beginning" to collect the signatures), and the written petition, and a personal letter to all the following public officials and appointees: (All the petitions going to Brooklyn offices as well as Mayor Bloomberg's copy were hand-delivered)

Mayor Bloomberg
Boro President Marty Markowitz
State Senator Marty Connor
Assemblywoman Joan Millman
Councilman Bill deBlasio
New York City Public Advocate Besty Gotbaum
Amanda Burden Chair, New York City Department of Planning
New York City and Brooklyn Commissioners of Department of Buildings
Peter Kalilkow, MTA Chair and President
Mr. Howard Roberts NYC Transit President

If you care to do so, you might mention that we want MORE!! signatures!
People can sign online at www.carrollgardenspetition.blogspot.com where they can also read our posts and keep up with some of the aspects of the story.

Or people can sign in person at the subway plaza (F train/Carroll Street) as there is a petition left there at all times and sometimes we are out there getting signatures ourselves in person OR! Sunday we will be at the new outodoor farmer's market in front of PS 58 (where we were last week) getting signatures meeting people etc



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