Let's take a trip.....

If you are at all interested in Psychedelic Art get thyself to the Whitney Museum in Manhattan to check out the fantastic Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era exhibit.

I went myself last night when a musical happening was in session, The Dirty Projectors were performing. They were a trippy experimental band with a male lead vocalist and two females doing some Laurie Anderson/Frank Zappaesque background ambient vocals naturally. They had a pretty heavy sound, which is what saved them from being pretentious. The kids were going for them like they were at a Black Sabbath concert circa 1974, pretty funny to see at a venue like the Whitney!

Opening up for them was Luke Fischbeck who performed as "Lucky Dragons". His thing was described as “an electronic music project with a handmade aesthetic” My description would be: a blonde Emo Phillips rolls around on the ground doing stuff with feedback while low- fi films of the California Desert play in the background.

This was after after all in a museum!

So much fab stuff at this fun summer show. Psychedelic paintings, posters, movies, all types of ephemera, there is even a very dark watercolor painting by Mr. Jimi Hendrix himself …..check it out before September 12th. Museum admission is “pay what you want” Friday nights from 6 to 9pm. Worth the trip outta Brooklyn.

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