Important F.R.O.G.G Meeting Tuesday!

This Toll Brothers rep is just SO excited to build build build on toxic land! Say good bye to that background cause it's gonna be all glass and steel if he gets his way!

If you live in the Gownaus Canal area and care about the POSSIBLE upcoming zoning changes which would allow some very large condominiums to be built starting on Bond Street with the Toll Brothers, I urge you to attend a meeting held by local citizens activist group F.R.O.G.G. (Friends and Residents of the Gowanus Canal) on Tuesday. To be discussed is the upcoming meeting with CB6 Land Use Committee meeting on Thursday, Sept. 25. regarding this matter. F.R.O.G.G has been pouring over the Enviromental Impact Statement that the Toll Brothers have released (which is the size of two phonebooks by the way) and this will most likely be the major topic. From what I hear it is not complete. Traffic rather than environmental issues seem to be more important to them. To quote a F.R.O..G.G member who has been studying the tome since it's been released.

"525,309 zoning square feet, 447 dwelling units with 268 Parking spaces and all they need to do is get the DOT to adjust traffic light timing. (Oh and of course, make sure that the DEP rehab's that Flushing Tunnel so the concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the air is brought under control--they hope.)"

F.R.O.G.G Meeting: Tuesday September 16 at 6:30 in the back room at Smith & Vine, 268 Smith Street.

Also check out this excellent but chilling video posted over at Pardon Me For Asking regarding another toxic brownfield site in the hood called Public Place - Brownfield of Dreams.

And another thing, if someone invites you to the Gowanus Dredgers Benefit "Bacchanal" sponsored by the Toll Brothers amongst others, don't go. It happens to be on the SAME night as the CB 6 land use committee meeting by the way! They will do anything in order to have a dock and storage area like even believe that corporate developers will clean up the canal correctly! If i had the time I want to photoshop into their invite which depicts a peaceful moonlit canoe ride with low buildings along the canal and replace it with the cold glass structures that MIGHT be built.

F.R.O.G.G Meeting: Tuesday September 16 at 6:30 in the back room at Smith & Vine, 268 Smith Street.

Photo from the New York Times

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