"Hand Across The Sand" at Coney Island.

F.I.B stumbled upon the "Hands Across the Sand" protest against off shore oil drilling at Coney Island yesterday, which was part of a nation wide action that occurred along the beaches at noon. About 350 people participated on the shores of Coney. One of the organizers who hails from Rockaway, said she was motivated to take part in this event when she heard that there is talk of drilling off the shores of the Rockaway peninsula!

While the event sort of reminded me of that old "I'd like to give a world a coke" commercial, these folks were doing the reverse, they were not selling anything but the idea that corporations are destroying our waters.

Read and see images about the event on the oil tainted beaches of Penescola, Florida.

And sign the petition asking President Obama to Move beyond oil.

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