Has it come to this? Yup.

Starts at 5pm on Saturday and goes through the night on Sunday until 5pm. I heard that there is a wait list for people to read, which just goes to show you, that people still care about libraries. Put that vodka down and show up!

"Come out and support libraries during the 24 hour We Will Not Be Shushed Read-In. This is going to be a unified libraries effort with readers and library workers from all three tri-li systems. We already have the full endorsement of Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Library administration. This is going to be a huge event in support of libraries.

We need your help! We need readers and we need supporters to come out and help out at the event. We will have a voice reading in front of the library for the full 24 hours. For that to happen it will take many voices to fill the time. Please contact us and sign up for a slot as soon as possible.

Together we can save our libraries and keep our library staff behind the desk where they belong."

To volunteer for a reading slot or to help with the event itself, please email savenyclibraries@gmail.com

June 12th – 13th
5pm – 5pm
Front Steps of Brooklyn Public Library @ Grand Army Plaza

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