Punks Not Dead! Scenes From Punk Island

F.I.B actually goes to things she pimps! This time I went to Punk Island on Governor's Island. I saw the few bands I knew. Negative Approach. The singer looks like the scariest boss you ever had in an office at this point and his voice is even scarier. DOA, from Vancouver were A-M-A-Z-I=N=G, the best punk bass playing since Dee Dee Ramone. CLASSIC! Newer bands were the Black Out Shoppers and another band I really dug called Bucket Flush, you would think out of over the 100 bands I could come up with more but half the time I didn't know who I as seeing, people are saving paper and not printing anything these days, if I had a quarter for each person asking me "what band is this?" or "where is stage ?" I would be a gizzillionare. I just have to say, in my day they didn't provide picnic tables and free peaceful islands!! We were sweating on the streets and in the abandoned buildings of the lower east side..i feel a bit like Rodney Dangerfield! Anyway the kids were cute with the mohawks and such. Not a hipster in sight! Yee Haw!

The whole scene was a bit bizarre. Picture all these punk people walking around, who, at this point are totally outcasts and freaks, at least in NY. Perhaps they are more common in the suburbs, more to rebel against out there, more boredom, I imagine, then mix in the people coming to the island to enjoy the history and the greenery but having to put up with 100s of bands playing all over the island. It was bit surreal to hear the anger of all these bands echoing allover the island. I found myself giggling many times and wondering if I was dreaming...

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