"Rock Paper Scissors" at Tabla Rasa Gallery - Sunset Park

Tabla Rasa Gallery is a great spot that is holding it's own in Sunset Park and this Wednesday they have a new show opening up. All are welcome to attend the opening.


"Applied to this exhibition, the title ROCK PAPER SCISSORS* is a broad analogy for the full circle of shifting "power" elements within a work of art. In this interplay, with "rock" representing the physicality of art-object, "paper" representing power of communication, and "scissors" representing tools of process, all exist in symbiosis, but shift in weight relative to each work

This exhibition concentrates on paintings, collages, and hand pulled prints by 13 diverse and independent artists, loosely associated by a common project, and all displaying an essential common trait: the pursuit of excellence in their craft.

Central to this association is the Red Hook studio of master printer Sheila Goloborotko. An accomplished and internationally recognized artist in her own right, she is universally lauded for her ability to draw out the talents of artists working with her. The process of producing an edition of prints requires thinking in reverse, and thinking in sequence. The artistry comes from accomplishing this mindful, logical approach, without sacrificing the spontaneity and vibrancy of the artwork. Making art in a world dominated by digitally captured, generated and/or manufactured images, the creation of traditionally produced prints have become part of each artist's oeuvre."

Exhibiting artists are:
Ramona Candy
Mary Chang
Tami Gold
Kathleen Hayek
Pearl Rosen
GG Stankiewicz
Sheila Goloborotko
Agnes Murray
Ana Bianchi
Robert Golden
Audrey Frank Anastasi
Susan Fateh
Harold Wortsman

Artist's Reception:
Wednesday, June 16
6:00- 8:30 PM

224 48 Street (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
Brooklyn, NY 11220
718. 833-9100

Click here for more info about Tabla Rasa Gallery.

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