Brooklyn Blogade last Sunday.

Unrelated photo but Joyce was nice enough to not make it mandatory (the right to remain silent) if one didn't want to read at her blogade, and also I just love Jackie's 5th. Happy Early St. Paddy's Day!

I didn't mention that I went and participated in the Brooklyn Blogade hosted by my pal Joyce. I have to admit I went because she is my friend and I wanted to support her. I am the type that has alway "sat in the back of the class". Too cool for school I guess. As I get older I am shaking that but I am still fairly immature for someone my age. I was actually annoyed that it stared at noon! Will someone please slap me?! I have never been much of a joiner. Anyway, I was happy to join in with the folks who showed up last Sunday even if it did start at noon! I don't think any of them were really "joiners" either!

Between the excellent readings, fab company and Joyce's breezy hostessing style the afternoon flew by.

I would like you to read my friend Michelle of Shellytown's description of the day and also Amy's over at Brooklynometry!

I would like to also note also that the food at the Brick Cafe was phenomenal!

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