Found on 1rst Street

A hippie bus! From Vermont!

This is certainly a first for the Bond Street area. I am having flashbacks from when F.I.B lived in Haight Ashbury for 2 years. I used to see buses from Southwestern Communes pull up in front of my apartment on the panhandle of Golden Gate Park. And then I used to have to watch them literally "panhandle" on Haight Street for their entire stay. That was sort of why I left. I like the hippie idealogy DURING THE 60's but it doesn't look too pretty 30 odd years later, unless that is, if it's pre-1967 and mod and futuristic looking!

If you guys know who the 13th Floor Elevator and Love are - I welcome you!! (but if you are a Deadhead, getthef*ggouttahere....sorry!)

Despite my anti-hippy rant, your clean running, diesel fueled Partridge Family bus is awesome!

Just don't ask me for change in front of my house!!

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