"Friends of Bond" Information.

The neighborhood group called "Friends of Bond" who put together the meeting to discuss the potential Toll Brothers condo development now have a blog.

FRIENDS OF BOND describe themselves as "a group of neighbors, living on or near Bond Street, who initially came together in response to the proposed Toll Brothers development on the Gowanus Canal. FOB seeks to bring together community groups in order to effectively address questions and issues of concern about development in the Gowanus area."

Please bookmark it or subscribe to it and check it frequently for information regarding the upcoming Scoping meeting with City Planning on March 13th.

Friends of Bond Blog


Anonymous said...

According to local press, FOB didn't even invite their own Councilman to the public meeting?!

They are just giving Hammerman an opportunity to pretend like he's finally interested in the Gowanus after 17 years of doing nothing for us as district manager.

At $92,230, he's one of the highest paid DMs and "works" only 4-days / week. He has a history of rudeness to residents of our community board who don't reside in Park Slope or Cobble Hill and is no friend of Gowanus!

Lisanne McT said...

This meeting was put together rather hastily and I do believe notices were sent out to public bulletin boards and fliers were around.

Millman, Markowitz and Velázquez all had representatives at the meeting without "personal" invitation. Even the Toll Brothers found out about it!

The meeting was publicized on several blogs which I KNOW DeBlasio's office reads. If he really had an interest he would of been there, but that same article you are referring to (The Brooklyn Paper) also mentioned what his stance on the issue is and also under reported the amount of people who showed up at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

What did our council member expect? An engraved invitation? This was an open meeting/forum and anyone could attend. Funny that our other local pols (Markowitz, Clarke, and I believe Millman) had staff people attend. Toll Brothers weren't formally invited either but they showed up.

What do you expect Craig Hammerman to do? I live in Gowanus and have been interacting with Craig for well over ten years and have never found him rude and have always found him forthright and helpful. It is our current council member who has done jack for Gowanus unless you are a developer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Neighbors! --
I just wanted to let all you guys know that there is a Poll on http://friendsofbond.blogspot.com/where you can voice your opinion about the developments. Please go and vote -


--friends of bond

Anonymous said...

Hammerman and CB6 was repeatedly asked over ten years ago to evaluate the impact of the repaired flushing tunnel and consider a 197a comprehensive plan for the neighborhood.

The Gowanus Development Corp made presentations to the Community board arguing that the time was ripe to discuss what was best for our community of Gowanus.

Check out Bklyn Paper archives from the late nineties to refresh your memory. They even presented prime development sites, including the Scarano Carroll Street building.

Unfortunately, the community board failed to respond and they instead chose to rezone the mostly landmarked, developed neighborhood of Park Slope!