A Reminder about the Blogade on Sunday.

Someone called "The Mermaids of Brooklyn" sent this to me. A pick me up on this grey blah day.

As I mentioned before, my pal Joyce of Bad Girl Blog is hosting a Blogade on March 9th over in Kensington.

She would appreciate RSVP's by tomorrow!

This will be F.I.B's first although I did attend that big one at the Old Stone House last Spring midway by unknowingly and naively entering up through the back stairs. I thought it was the entrance and had no idea people got turned away!

Here is what Joycie has to say.

"I'm hosting the Brooklyn Blogade on Sunday, March 9, at 12 p.m., in Kensington at the Old Brick Cafe, a little Italian/Balkan/Mediterranean restaurant on Church Avenue. Please come!

Time for "Show & Tell": Bloggers are encouraged to be brave and give a reading from one of their best blog posts. Or bring along your laptop and a screen and show us your best pics. Or just tell us about your best post. Please plan to limit your presentation to about five minutes so everybody can have a turn."

Any blogger is welcome, please spread the word if you know anyone that may be interested in participating.

Click here for the details!


Angry M.F. Fisher, WWIB said...

September 24, 2007
by Angry M.F. Fisher

Drunk on Albemarle. Drunk on Bond Street. Drunk on Cortelyou. Drunk in feel lucky punkDitmas Park. Drunk on Eldert Lane. Drunk on Foster Road. Drunk in Gravesend. Drunk on Hinsdale. Drunk on India Street. Drunk on Jamaica Ave. Drunk in Kensington (they will get the services their property values demand). Drunk on Avenue L (the heart of Canarsie). Drunk on Mother Gaston Boulevard. Drunk on Neptune. Drunk on Old Mill Road. Drunk on Pitkin. Drunk on Quentin Road. Drunk on Rockaway Ave. Drunk on Stagg Street. Drunk on Ten Eyck. Drunk on Utica. Drunk in Vinegar Hill. Drunk on Wortman. Drunk on Avenue X. Drunk in Yellow Hook. Drunk with Zyczymy Smacznego!

Lisanne McT said...

Love the poem.
You should come and read it on Sunday.