Bastille Day in Brooklyn & Beyond!

Ooh la la! Fishnets are just sooooo french!

Lots of places to celebrate the storming of the Bastille and the end of the French Revolution, I will give you two suggestions....the first one is 7th Annual BASTILLE DAY ON SMITH STREET!

Here's the details as per an email from the S.B.D.L.C:
"The Seventh Annual Bastille Day Party and Petanque Tournament on Smith Street in Brownstone Brooklyn's "BOCOCA" (BOerum Hill, Cobble Hill, CArroll Gardens ) Neighborhood welcomes you to enjoy a great New York experience with us. For some unknown reason our part of Brooklyn became home to the third largest French Expat population in the U.S. And of course, Smith Street being a street that "Loves To Party!", when they came to us seven years ago asking for a Bastille Day Party, we said -- "Pourquoi pas?" "Voila!" a tradition began.

This is truly a neighborhood affair -- beginning with the arrival of the sand in the morning, brought and donated by local resident and city-wide business owner John Quadrozzi (of the Concrete Mix Trucks Company). It is quite a scene to see it’s arrival on the street via a big yellow redi-mix truck ambling down Smith Street and “feathering out” spurts of sand along two blocks, followed by spreading and smoothing, then separating into 14 playing courts. The Petanque Contest is organized by Bar Tabac, using the expertise of fellow Frenchman Bernard DeCanali (Robin des Bois). Tournament Competition is limited to 80 Teams. There will be trophies, T shirts, baseball caps and more as prizes. As the field narrows in the afternoon non-competition courts will be available for families and friends to play and practice. "

When: Sunday July 13th, 2008 -- 12Noon to 8PM
Where: Along Smith Street from Bergen to Pacific Streets, centering on Dean
F or G Train to Bergen Street

Les Sans Cullotes at Freddy's at the F.I.B Birthday Party.

Then on the ACTUAL day which is Monday, it's my fave group of french ex-pats living in Brooklyn, Les Sans Cullotes! They are crossing the river and playing at new hotspot Santos Party House. Dig the email from zee band for zee details!

"Citizens! Les Sans Culottes, the proud disposers of the House of Bourbons and the jeroboam of Armagnac are making a special Bastille Day show in New York City's Tribeca District (triangle below Chanel), Monday July 14th @ 10 pm at the Santo's Party House, 100 Lafayette St, near Walker.

Also, dj's spinning French musique w/ Jaiko Suzuki, Time Warren (Crypt Records) and Jonathon & go go dancing w/ Anna Copacabana, Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa Anne, etc. "

Tres Bien!!! All that and Anna Copacabana too?!!!

That's at Santo's Party House, 100 Lafayette Street. They seem to be doing a regular Monday night garagey rock happening there.....

For MORE Bastille Day celebration events around town click here!

ALSO! Unrelated to Bastille Day, there are tons of bands playing for free as well as movie screenings and a skatepark at the Afro-Punk Festival.

FIB faves The Dirtbombs are playing at 6pm at Fort Greene Park on Saturday!!!


Miz Drew said...

all the great feedback you've been getting since the blog of the day hit -- and people SHOULD love your blog, so diverse, its got a bit of everything for everyone and anyone!

elaine & abby said...

very awesome blog! new york is the place to be for blogging and keeping ppl hooked. great job!

Dinwiddie de Maupin said...

The funniest part of this desciption of Bastille day is that it gives me the impression that it's more interesting to celebrate our National day in New York than in Paris even if we have a nice firework at the Eiffel tower.

Tony of AntiSocial Commentary said...

Bastille Day is so underappreciated. Thanks for making it real for the blogosphere.

JP Otaku said...

Yes! I've been thinking about going to the Bastille Festival. To tell the truth, I'm kinda skeptical of any NY festival/parade. But, if it's authentic French... how could you go wrong?

ChrissT said...

this is definitely my new favorite party. the dj's totally ruled and the projections were super-tripped out and the dancer was super-sexy! rock dancing! where has it been hiding?

Scorpion, WWIB said...

Is SBDLC serious with that "Bococa" merde? Do they have even half a clue who the fuck (pardon my French) paid for that nonsense, how much & why? No wonder the reasons for a local Frog population are, how they say, "unknown." I don't know either! No offense to FIB, of course, just the messenger but you don't have join a Revolutionary Party
to recognize the language of oppression & ethnic cleansing. WTFWLD?*


Who Walk In Brooklyn

* what the fuck would Lafayette do?

Lisanne McT said...

Oh I am no fan of the bococa monicor, it is tres stupid..and i questioned putting that blurb up but did it anyway as i know that the folks at SBDLC make it possible for F.R.O.G.G (Friends and residents of the Gowanus Canal) to meet and have done a lot for getting the word out that the shores of the Gowanus are a brownfield. Reallly the only reason i put it up as i dislike the whole bococa thing...irresponsible on my part i know...