More chic freaks at coney island....

I leave you this to ponder as F.I.B leaves this town to go somewhere most likely even hotter... THE SOUTH! Will be back sometime next week but if I were around I would probrably spend both Saturday and Sunday at Coney. It's gonna be hot and it is definitely least 15 degrees cooler by the shore. After a day at the beach you can take in some hysterical burlesque game show fun on Friday Night with the Great Fredini and Julie Atlas Munez with This or That. On Saturday night it's a screening of the uber fab film Barbarella at the Coney Island Film Society and then there is "Ask the Experts" at the Coney Island Museum on Sunday afternoon.

And of course the freak shows go on all day and night all weekend. With a special "this weekend only" appearance by the Lizardman! He's got a forked tongue! You are COMMANDED to click on that link! Freaky!

I kind of wish I was stayin' in Brooklyn!

All info can be found here!

* This is one of those photos that F.I.B took with a real FILM camera and DEVELOPED all by her lonesome in a DARKROOM! I *WORKED* for this image honey!


JBERG said...

It's kinda funny how people transform themselves to be in freakshows nowadays! Remember Jim Rose?

Lai said...

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Kim said...

Okay, the Lizardman is...well, something else!!! UGH!!! Interesting, but UGH!