Moeller Snow Gallery to Mars (Pink & Red Theme).

Joe Heidecker sculptures
The opening I mentioned at The Moeller Snow Gallery the other night was phabulously phantasmagorica!! Both the art (of course I'm biased but the general consensus of the attendees was the same!) and also the space. Just loved the hot pink floors, a nice change from the usual gallery bland tastefulness. Go see this show! Click here for the details.
Beautiful red door (just don't put any graffitying on it! ) at East Village Indian Restaurant where the after party took place.Ended the night at my favorite bar in all of Manhattan, the Mars! And there's that pink again!

P.S- Please support the Mars Bar, they need your business and they are sadly COMPLETELY dwarfed by the ugliest condos on the planet at 2nd Avenue and 1rst Street. I'm sure the clock is ticking and it will be yet another sad blog post on Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. Enjoy it while it's here. Dig?


l.e.s said...

i heart the mars!

fABUlOSA__ said...

no graffitying. dope [: