The World's Greatest Sinner?!

*"He's the world's greatest sinner. I said the world's greatest sinner. As a sinner he's a winner. Honey he is no beginner. He's rotten to the core. Daddy you can't say no more. He is the world's greatest sinner!"

Brian Berger, the editor over at that nutty, persnickety, non-blogading blog Who Walk in Brooklyn has thrown yet another B movie at me to review. B as in Brooklyn baby! This time it's "The World's Greatest Sinner" written, directed and starring Brooklyn native Timothy Carey in 1962.

Dig it here!

* Lyrics by a young Frank Zappa and brought out of obscurity and recorded by one of F.I.B's favorite Brooklyn rock & roll combos The A-Bones on their EPIC Daddy Wants a Cold Beer album! Curious?! Listen to it here!

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