Brighton Beach Boy Brian Wilson

Two big free Brooklyn shows were going on last night. Brian Wilson or Deerhoof? Brian Wilson or Deerhoof? Brian Wilson BABY!!! A no brainer. I love summer in NYC, we are truly privileged to get to hear so much fantastic music, many from the originators, many for free. Although Brian Wilson (the mastermind behind the Beach Boys) was five bucks, it was priceless.

I didn't know what to expect. I heard the stories about Brian Wilson. His mental instabilities, his years under a Doctor's care where he took too many anti-psychotic medicines, his stage fright, y'know all that bad stuff that helps create a legend. The crowd at the show was decidedly BROOKLYN. As in Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Midwood, Flatbush. Marty Markowitz was babbling on stage for at least 45 minutes listing off EVERY SINGLE musical act that ever played at Asser Levy Park and even some that never did, it was unbelievable how he just rattled on and on. Exactly at 8pm the band took the stage and Brian was front and center behind a keyboard. The music is really beautiful and so complex but as I sat there looking at the old greasers going wild, I distinctly heard the doo-wop influence. Just think about "Help Me Rhonda" (which was their final Beach Boy song of the evening.) Brian was a bit stiff in the beginning and seemed cranky but a funny kind of cranky. It was a bit surreal to hear him sing "When I grow up to be a man" but he was a lot more loosened up toward the end, I actually saw him crack a smile during "Good Vibrations". Maybe being beachside under a full moon was the right vibe for Brian because he came out for a second encore and did a number from his upcoming album, a ballad called "Southern California". I'd say they played for about 90 minutes, which from what I understand is a long set for him. Below is my cheap camera video, it's more for the sound than the visuals and the song is "Heroes and Villians". Just hit play and stare at that ship photo I found in my closet! I ALMOST made it to the end of the song but security made me put my camera away.(please sing that last sentence to "Fun Fun Fun"!)

And tomorrow night ANOTHER fantastic free show. By another originator.

Mary Weiss of the Shangri-las!
The Nouvellas
The Lost Crusaders
6:30pm at South Street Seaport


Anonymous said...

Here is a
Nice Photo of Brian Willson on Stage in Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Here is a
Nice Photo of Brian Willson on Stage in Coney Island

MaryRuth said...

Lucky you! Not only to see the great BW, but for FIVE BUCKS?!?!?
Yeah, seeing him is pretty much a spiritual experience. When you think about all the went through--suffering from mental illness, etc. and then realize that he had something like a year's worth of music training at a community college, the music is just that much more amazing.
I live in the heart of "Beach Boy Land"--Southern California, where recently they put up a monument to honor the Wilsons down the street from their old home in Hawthorne.
Glad to see the WonderMints are still doing backup...they are an awesome band in their own right.

Lisanne McT said...

Hey MaryRuth - thanks for commenting! Yes I regret not mentioning the band who were extremely talented and thank you for letting me know what their name is! The layers of the harmonies are just as you say a "spiritual experience" to hear...it was such a gift for him to play that show and you know what it was such a relaxed chill venue, maybe they made sure not to overpromote it or something but it was an honor to be there, there was no hype...maybe one day i'll check out that monument, one of my best friends lives in Huntington Beach.

The Music Director, WWIB said...

Yes, as has been written elsewhere, I made a huge mistake ("fucked up," according to some) & missed this. I was, once, however, at Asser Levy for a really WEIRD-- if not "great"-- concert by Burt Bacharach (his post-Dionne girl singers are kinda lame) & last year, I caught this--


Makes the Brian Wilson crowd seem like a bunch of teenagers!

Excellent report, FIB.


The Music Director
Who Walk In Brooklyn

MaryRuth said...

I work in Huntington Beach...stop by and say hi when you are out here.