Found: A Window!

What lurks behind this door?
Why this of course!

Now you know. FIB has a lot of stuff in her closet. So much that I couldn't find anything or open the door any wider than that first picture. That has started to change. My sister, Eileen Cunningham, is a professional organizer. She decided that I was a feng shui disaster and offered emergency help. Check it out! A WINDOW!

Mind you we only did this one corner and we have 3/4 more of the closet to do but the fact that I can find the window and open the door all the way has me feeling strangely better.Eileen sat with me and we went through years of papers, artwork and handbags (FIB is a bag freak). I got rid of a lot but she didn't give me a hard time when I wanted to keep such things like my GI Joe doll that looks like Nicholas Cage was used as the facial model for or some truely embarrassing teenage art. I don't know much about Feng Shui but I do know that it's supposed to be good to have nothing behind your door. (Like, I think you are suppose to be able to open it!) Let's see if this helps simplify my life. Anyway, Eileen's company is called Less is More Organizing Solutions and works her magic in NYC and the Hudson Valley area. We did this corner in about 4 hours. I have been procrastinating for about 4 YEARS to do this so I am pretty happy!

And get this, she actually said she can't wait to do the rest of it! I would rather eat glass so I'm happy for her enthusiasm.

If you think you need help, check her out!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, my room looked much like that as a kid! lol

Sopita said...

lol i laughed so hard when i read this,..and espeacially when i saw how bad it was.

I feel your pain i dread laundry day, and i espeacially hate it when a project gets so big u lose momentum to even start it.


BCassFam said...

I am a fan of your blog. I saw you on that blog of note notice and I am now a fan. It is nice to read about my favorite place I have ever lived. Keep up the good work.

Poetic Painter said...

Randomly came across your blog...just wanted to let you know I enjoyed looking it over.

groovyteach said...

very entertaining blog! i think most of us have been there...and wish we had that hyper-organization thing going...i definitely don't!!