Superfund Gowanus vs. The City's Plan

The folks at Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse have done it again and have added a part two to their series about the Gowanus Superfund Nomination. This show will air BCAT television and Manhattan cable over the next few weeks, starting this Tuesday. But of course you can also watch it right now on Youtube! This video addresses the City of New York's "alternative plan" vs. the EPA's. Footage includes folks from the city and the EPA at a Community Board 6 meeting a few weeks ago along with interviews with residents and the bio-bus which took samples of Gowanus water and put it under microscopes.


Brooklyn BCAT Air dates
Tuesday 8:30 PM
8:00 PM
TimeWarner Cable 34 / Cablevision 67 / RCN 82 / Verizon 42

Manhattan MNN Air dates
8:30 PM
TimeWarner Cable 56 / Cablevision 17 / RCN 83 / Verizon 34

Please do not forget to comment on the EPA's website, direct link here.

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Margaret said...

There is also a shorter version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msbgbkzjnKo
Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse deserves a round of thunderous applause for their tireless work on behalf of the Gowanus community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!