Direct from Hollywood Cemetery * Saturday

Start your Halloween early! Rocky's Bar is still hangin' on so hang out there before it's gone along with everything else that made Williamsburg, well, Williamsburg. Here's what the folks at Fancy have to say about this ghouuuuulish scene:

The days grow shorter and the time draws near. The nights grow colder and the miserable take refuge in the darkness, searching the city's deep crevasses for lust to cure their despair and suffer by the time.

Dr. Fangs and his disciples' chilled breath will fan the fires of one's deepest Rock & Roll desires and ignites the cockles of the blackest hearts on Saturday, October 20.

Be there to witness Direct From Hollywood Cemetery return from the grave to reap souls and pass no judgment at their FANCY crypt, the creepy cavern known as Rocky's Rock Star Bar down under the Williamsburg bridge in Brooklyn.

Relatives from the Old Country, Vlad and Creighton, of Ghoul A Go Go fame, will host the night with their own brand of fire and brimstone. And if that's not enough, New York's unholy Hunchback will kick off the live music with a set that alone will prove to be worth the pittance charged at the door.

In addition, our favorite DJ's, Iron Mike & DJ SoulPunk, will be payin' the devil his dues as they fill ears with the nastiest of sounds.

"Holy Blood! Holy Blood!", it's gonna be FANCY!

Sat. Oct. 20th @ 10 pm
South 5th St. & Kent
under the Williamsburg Bridge

J, M, Z to Marcy, or L to Bedford,
B61 to South 5th st., B24 to Williamsburg Plaza
must be 21
more a lot more info. click here!

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