"The Third Bridge" at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Has mutant plant life sprouted in Brooklyn Bridge Park?!

No! It’s a new installation by artist; Osman Akan called “The Third Bridge”.

F.I.B and friend R checked it out at around twilight last night and enjoyed watching the quickly changing sky contrast with this fiber optic field of grass. Our only complaint is that we wanted MORE. We wanted a whole trail of these between the two bridges, but I bet that would have been expensive! More funding please!

Here is a segment of the artist’s statement on this project:

“I use fiber optics for many reasons, but most importantly because of their ability to form networks,” Akan has said, by which he means all such networks, from “the flux of information from late night television to surveillance cameras, from chat lines to stock markets, as well as cultural networks such as artist networks.” However invisible, Akan’s “The Third Bridge” suggests, fiber optics constitute the pathways that traffic in our most important symbolic and material values — information, linkage, trade, among others — even to the degree that they help reshape what passes for human nature today and in the future.

The installation is located in Brooklyn Bridge Park near the base of the Manhattan Bridge. Best time to view begins at twilight.

Curated by the The Dumbo Arts Center.

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