Gowanus/Carroll Garden News

Last week I attended a F.R.O.G.G (Friends and Residents of the Greater Gowanus) meeting and I apologize in the delay in mentioning it. Regarding the grim future of what may be built on the banks of the Gowanus I learned that the dry cleaning facility and FiberWave company on the property owned by the Toll brothers (2nd Street between Bond & the Canal) are operating on 6-month leases at this point. Also, Whole Foods still hasn’t completed the proper permits to even BEGIN cleanup. The site is a total mess and there are a lot of hoops to jump through. A major issue is that the FEMA act states that you can not build anything that impede flood waters in anyway. Once permits are completed, there is supposed to be a 30 day comment period for F.R.O.G.G who is expecting to be contacted for commentary.

Also TOMORROW NIGHT there will be a meeting concerning the cleanup of the canal and the Army Corp. of Engineers will be present.

When: MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2007 TIME: 6:30 PM PLACE:
A G E N D A - Presentation by representatives for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the New York City Department of Environmetal Protection on the Gowanas Canal Ecological Restoration Study, an ongoing collaborative partnership between the Federal and City governments to investigate and propose improvements to the water quality and habitat at the Gowanus.

Up the hill on the Carroll Gardens front it looks like preperation for Robert Scarano's latest opus is beginning with rat trap enabling on the 360 Smith Street site. See Pardon Me for Asking for more information. Also, please keep checking the C.O.R.D Blog for additional information regarding the moratorium on tall buildings and if you haven't signed the petition or written to our local pols, do it now!

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