Laundromat on Court Street

Am I a freak because I actually like sitting in laundromats? Well, empty ones. Motivation to get there is hard but once I'm there, I am accomplishing something yet I am free to do nothing...


Anonymous said...

Thriving Laundry (Smith St) --> RIP (older Chinese sold to younger, who changed name, quiet inadvisably, to SKC Inc... wtf?)

Bleach House... The Bleach House!! --> RIP (this was documented & lamented by others)


Lisanne said...

Well this is the "Carroll Gardens Laundry Corporation" across from the former site of the infamous pet funeral parlor "All Pets Go to Heaven" and the old Key Food.

The Bleek I mean the Bleach House was cool. All laundromats go to heaven on Downy clouds.

Anonymous said...

"All Laundromats Go To Heaven On Downy Clouds" is probably the best Pink Floyd album ever made that wasn't (juust ahead of the The Who's laundro-opera "Sudz and Sods.").

Unfortunately, the '70s marriage between rock and fabric softener ended with The Clash's "Laundry Calling," featuring the near hit, "Lost In The Laundromat." (Ouch. I apologize for that last one.)