Also found in my closet but I took this one!

Dating myself here as I tend to do but this was also recently unearthed in my closet. Johnny Lydon aka Rotten glaring at me at Danceteria when I went to see Brian Brain (Martin Atkins) in my early underage nightclubbing days. Martin Atkins was the drummer for Johnny's band P.I.L which had broken up by this time. This was probrably taken in 1983. Yeah F.I.B's no spring chicken (but how come I still feel like one?) Did you know that P.I.L played at the club The Brookyn Zoo (in Sheepshead Bay!) with JAMES BROWN?!! YES it's true! Music was so mixed up back then -such good times. I probably took this with a disc camera, anybody remember those?! He did ask me if "i had a fag?" later but I just giggled. Ah youth!


rhymeswithcori said...

that's pretty kick ass :)

jen said...

great picture.
you are lucky to have been here then.
i find myself nostalgic for a time i completely missed (i was 9 when you took that picture).
more old nyc pictures, please.

Lisanne said...

Oh yeah i dont take it for granted ever. It's *all* going in the book..thanks for the tips about the photos too!

Anonymous said...

I saw Johnny Lydon perform at the Palladium. I am not sure if he was with PIL at the time. It must have been 1984 and I wasn't underage at the time (but then I was when NY raised the drinking age - remember that?). All I remember is Rise. I also don't remember there being any pit like at a Clash or Bad Brains show where my head invariable made contact with someone's Doc Martens. Mmmm maybe that explains my current state.


Anonymous said...

Scratch that - it must have been 1985/6. Anyway, great picture. Very impressive that you had a camera with you. And I do remember disc cameras - very high tech at the time and pricey!


Lisanne said...

Yes they raised the drinking age about a day after i turned 18, which was the old drinking age. but this photo was most def. 1983....my friends & I were too broke to drink anyway, we usually snuck beers in.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember debbie mazar running the scarey elevator? Danceteria was something else. All types from all corners of the city went there from b-boys to punks to gays, old and young. is there anywhere in ny like that now? i left in the late 80's and live in New Mexico now.

love your blog by the way, very entertaining and makes me homesick!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie-- The answer is almost a definitive NO. Things are much more segregated today, on all levels, but especially economics. I hate to admit it but you can be almost as big an asshole in Brooklyn as in Manhattan today, just the fashion is different. The worst parts of Williamsburg are as vile as the worst the Upper East Side or so-called East Village (RIP), tho' thankfully there is much more than that too.

Cynthia-- I don't recall Johnny touring as s solo so it was quite likely PIL-- somebody could check the Voice ads from then and see.

I was working at fucking Roll N Roaster the night of that show Lisanne was at-- still annoys me I didn't make it.

Did anyone here go to shows at Zappa's in Marine Park?

Berenice "The Abbott"/BZA

p/s: Among the great all-time Johnny Lydon moments -->



Robert Williams is no slouch either, he played for Captain Beefheart previously.

amarilla said...

Is he a natural red head? Did you get to find out?

Lisanne said...

Well Amarilla, I don't know if he is a natural redhead, perhaps just an "enhanced redhead". No I never found out and to tell you the truth I never thought that way, never a groupie although I have a great Dee Dee Ramone story involving a switchblade and the back of a strip mall (Hammerheads a rock club on Long Island.) He asked my 16 year old self for a ride home after the show...Didn't have my camera that time!

Judy, I DO remember that elevator! and although i am not as pissed off as Berenice Abbott I am always hoping to find a place as cool as Danceteria and a few other places that were around back then. Things are definitely more segregated now.also the speed of information ruins things pretty quickly.Right now I think I enjoy the free summer concerts in NYC the most, brings out all types... thanks for the compliments!

Orot et Leinad said...

great capture.

Andrew Gardner said...

I saw PIL play at the Palladium (no idea what year...I'm assuming 1979 or 1980). I almost forgot I had tickets...my friend called me from the Palladium lobby while James Blood Ulmer was playing. Fortunately I only lived in Fort Greene then, and it took me 20 minutes to get there.

Later on (probably 1982 or so) I used to go to the Thursday night happy hours at the Peppermint Lounge...it was $2 to get in. That Thursday though, someone new from England was playing...I walked into the PL and ran straight into Johnny...I made some silly comment about how much I respected him...he said "don't respect me, I'm just a c*nt!" Then his friend made a comment about whether my sweater had been "tacked onta ya".

I don't feel old either.