What's The Hook? Go Find Out!

To follow up on my rant about that hideously colorblind article about Red Hook. I would like to inform you that what the New York Time's SHOULD of covered was the What's the Hook? photography exhibit which features photographs of people who are far more interesting. I spoke to the mastermind of this exhibit, Harriet Zucker while checking it out. The exhibit was an open call for photographs taken during the span of one week in Red Hook last summer. Harriet also gave neighborhood kids and senior citizens plastic cameras to use and I have to say some of these photos give the most intimate portraits. The exhibit is up tomorrow and next weekend only at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition at the fab Beard Street Warehouse in Red Hook and there are also some photos behind the Fairway.The warehouse which is from the civil war era and smells deliciously of old seasoned wood has amazing views by the way!

Hey LADY!!!

Read all about the "What's the Hook?" here.

Also, Harriet is going to do it again, starting tomorrow you can snap away and send her your pics for next years exhibit, look at the website for details!!

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Thank you too, Lisanne. Love your blog!