Robocat on Second Street!

I'm back from the Blue Ridge Mountain area and am feeling like this guy who hurled his body at me, blocking my path on Second Street last night. A bit rotund in the stomach! It's been a while since I have been out of the NY metropolitan area and it was shocking to me just how LARGE people in america are. But since cases of soda are cheaper than a gallon of milk these days it's not surprising. I felt svelte and my sister who is in the thin side said she felt anorexic! Anyway fried food is fun for a while but a couple of days of hush pupppies has me feeling like eating nothing but green, which is hard to come by on the road to the south. It's sad how every roadside stop is the same with the identical fast food chains in every town making nothing unique. If you go furthur into the older parts of town you can find some independently owned places but it ain't easy and especially when time is of the essence! Surprisingly I didn't take many photos. This is one of the few- it's Hendersonville, North Carolina on a Sunday morning. As the saying goes it was about 90 degrees in the shade!


Chandler said...

I hear you about the food. Cracker Barrel again?

Our last vacation was a bike ride through rural Western PA, and getting away from the well-worn interstate path made traveling a real delight. The small post-industrial towns are kind of run down and sleepy, but the people are wonderful.


MaryRuth said...

Glad to see you had a good time.
Check out roadfood.com next trip. I always get good tips from them. I'll plan my trip around eating stops, but you are right, sometimes time is short.

Lisanne said...

Yeah it was rushed trip to specifically make it to a surprise party!!!

People check out Mary Ruth's blog "Where's the bubbler" she has fab recipes and other fun things on it!

amarilla said...

I know where the blubber is! Let's just say, I have a bit of a franchise.

MaryRuth said...

Hey thanks Lisanne! It is exciting to see the blog counter tick upwards.
I've been meaning to ask you, since you seem to know all about Brooklyn...have you seen the blog by Grocery Guy? He's really into food over there and has some quite interesting posts about it. Wish I could go to some of the events.
Amarilla: a bubbler franchise?!? do tell!