Mystery in my closet continues....

Park Slope Plane Crash of 1960
Last month I found a bunch of amazing old photos in my closet, amongst them was is this test strip of images of the Park Slope Plane Crash of 1960!! Yup, two planes crashed down right on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. I am still researching all these photos. This one is the only one that is post-1950 and taken by a photographer named R. Nelson, the rest are all by R. Raffius. I am still trying to decide what to do them all and haven't found much information other than that R. Raffius worked for Keystone Images a company that took photos of exotic locals all over the world. Japanese Geishas? Japanese ships? Surfers on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii! Note the absence of hotels!

Anyway this is still but a mere taste of the photos that are all so well developed and interesting, I've got hundreds of images. If anyone out there knows of any collectors of this type of thing, send them my way, summer has not been kind financially to F.I.B although everything else is aces!!!

To see more images click here!
To read about just how this all came about, click here!

My closet is looking amazing by the way, still working at it though!


MaryRuth said...

Lisanne--wow, what treasures! Is there a historical society in your area? They probably wouldn't give you any $$ for them =( but who knows?
The taller building with the dormer windows in the Waikiki photo is most probably the Moana Surfrider, which dates back to 1901. It is still there and absolutely gorgeous.

jen said...

these are fantastic.
i love reading old nyc history, and i think there was a recent article in the times about that crash, interviewing people who remembered it.
you might be able to sell some of these to the NYHS...or donate, depending on their rarity/value.

Anonymous said...

I was in the 6th grade at the time at Berkeley Institute--2 blocks away from the plane crash--I heard a loud explosion and looked out the window and saw luggage and bodies flying from the sky--pretty bad--