A Dying Art.

Another photo from my Greenpoint/Williamsburg collection.

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rhymeswithcori said...

I love this one!

I wonder what Joseph (or someone who I believe to be Joseph) is holding?

Lisanne said...

I do believe the tool of his trade, a paintbrush!

MaryRuth said...

I figured out what you could do with all your photos!
There's a guy here in LA--Charles Phoenix--who collects old slides and uses them to put on "shows", where he invents all sorts of tales to go along with the slides. He's a great performer and the shows are hilarious. Its all about SoCal in the 40's-50's-60's--lots of awesome architecture (most gone now). Like being in a time capsule.
You could be the East Coast version!
Just Google his name and get the info.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pic! Joseph looks like quite a character.