Critique on the media's endless fascination with Red Hook, Brooklyn.

I just saw this and barfed. This is NOT MONTANA this is BROOKLYN! When will the media put a halt to it's endless fascination with Red Hook? I mean is IKEA paying them all off? The guy with the beard and the pick-up truck and the chick with the baby sling, prairie skirt and boots, I mean arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhblblllllllllllargBARF!!! And oh yes EVERYONE is an artist or a bartender (don't forget your kerchief!) in that area, just EVERYBODY...WHAT a friggin' sham!

Good Morning!


Anonymous said...

Red Hook has been victimized by an invasion of The Dorothies.

These are the newly minted white minority hailing from Midwestern and New England home towns. (It’s reflected in the out of state plates on their moms’ hand me down Volvos.)

A racial divide has long existed in Red Hook between the people of color in The Houses and the white landlords in The Back.

Racism and classism are rarely acknowledged verbally, in public, in Brooklyn. Dismissive language is generally reserved for private audiences. Dismissive looks and stares are for public consumption.

As a result of the underlying class/race issues native tri-staters have not flocked to Red Hook. Maybe The Dorothies perceive New York as a melting pot. In actuality they are a highly visible minority that is often viewed with animosity. Like drops of oil floating atop a large bowl of water.

Ignorant of their need to demonstrate a common plight with the majority of Red Hook’s residents they seem to only highlight the divide. They talk on their cell phones on the bus about their important jobs, their vacations and the last amazing art show that they saw. They exit their style conscious shops and eateries seemingly without a care in the world.

They are viewed as another example of whites taking whatever they want. They are severely scrutinized yet appear to be oblivious to this.

The divide of affluence in Red Hook continues to grow. Where will it lead?

Lisanne said...

Well said anon.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE involved in that article, from the subjects to the Style/Fashion dupes over at the Times should be humiliated: AMAZINGLY idiotic work all around.

There's much else to say but man, this surely is the blind leading the blind.

I work for the guy who wrote it but I should mention that the Brooklyn essay that's in "New York Calling" call this shit way out, using Red Hook and South Brooklyn as one motif for examining ALL Brooklyn, and New York, by far most of which these insipid "pioneers" have no idea about.

Be the first fake "bohemian" to roll the Conestoga wagon up to Amboy Street and Livonia, say, and then get back to us.

Nice writing anonymous, please keep in touch, we have much to share.

In the meantime--




Junius Van Sinderen
Who Walk In Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

Lisanne-- just discovered your blog, enjoying immensely. What an extremely ignorant and racist piece of "reporting" by the New York Times. What are these white "homesteaders" doing--civilizing the wild? Sadly, I see it as little more as a wink and a nod to the editors' counterparts in the real estate advertising department.

Lisanne said...

and of course it was in the fashion and style section so we have to take that into account but it still incredibly ignorant to ignore what the population really looks like!

Margy said...

I grew up in Montana and the only people who looked like this were those who moved up from California... Trust me - Montana doesn't look like this!