Baltic Street


Knapp St Headed Ho said...

formerly in the auditorium of James Madison HS, the broken chair is sad testament of the racial tensions we had there in the 1970s & '80s. Some notable James Madison alumni besides, uh... myself:

* Carole King
* Martin Landau
* Cousin Brucie
* Chris Rock
* Irwin Shaw
* Andre Dice Clay (whom I used to see all the time when I worked at Roll N Roaster)

Unfortunately, that fatuous scumbag Charles Schumer also went to James Madison but hey, institutions slip up all the time. (Anyone inclined to like Schumer, despite the Iraq war & a jillion other things ought to look up his part in the Senate hearings on the Waco massacre.)

"Funny": James Madison's motto is

"Education is the true foundation of civil liberty."

Put that in your so-called Patriot Act, Chuck.

Kind Regards,

Knapp St Headed Ho

Ernie Koy, Jr; WWIB Bronx Bureau said...

Good look, Knappy & hey-- I might have bought a roast beef from you when I dated this gal who used to bartend at PIPS. How long did you work at R&R?

Also, while I understand why this site has a strong Brooklyn bias, & I'll admit Martin Landau had his moments-- "Ed Wood" especially*-- please let us forget the genius of Bronx-native Martin BALSAM.



Ernie Koy, Jr
Bronx Bureau
Who Walk In Brooklyn


BklynRed said...

Grandma used to live on Baltic just above 3rd, it was a nice old block 40 years ago. Her backyard faced the backyard of the school and every now and then one of the red dodge balls would come flying over the fence. If no one from the school claimed them, we kept them. Oh, the days of free balls!