Redd Kross Freak Out at Southpaw!

The Brothers McDonald. Back off girls they're married!

Who are Redd Kross you say? Bubblegum, Psychedelia, Pop, Punk, Linda Blair, Charles Manson and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls are just a few of the influences that explain their music. They've been around over 20 years so just read this wikipedia description if you care to know the fascinating details. They made no bones last night about the fact that they were going to play nothing but what the fans wanted to hear on this trip to NYC and that they did. All the old stuff, Linda Blair, Charlie, White Trash, basically everything from "Neurotica" and "Born Innocent" albums. Lots of smiles and screams from the audience.

Check out my cheap camera video of Redd Kross covering this classic Frightwig tune, "It's a crazy world". The screaming was pretty constant during the whole show, the girls just love Redd Kross!


Anonymous said...

best show from them in a while for sure. the blogs all agree, redd kross are the best band out there and have been.

lots of music celebs there for sure too, ac.newman, colin moulding, john fell, matt ingram, john hovorka, misty rain, and a guy that i'm pretty sure was evan dando.

Lisanne McT said...

misty rain?

Pello said...

Misty Rain is a girl of porn. Maybe she's fronting a rock band. Maybe.

http://whowalkinbrooklyn.com said...

good, maybe AC Newman will remember how to fucking ROCK & spare us his anemic, highly sub- Bacharach, Wilson & Arthur Lee "arty" chamber pap.

Evan Dando proves, again, that even heroin is not enough to make one soulful.

John Hovorka, on the other hand, is really an underrated near-giant, one of the three best Boston exports since Whitey Bulgar.

Also, holy crap! Misty Rain was my air name when I was just getting started in broadcasting-- Joe Franklin gave it to me!! (The name that is; this was in the pre-Viagra era & even then Joe wasn't exactly the sexual dynamo he once was.)

Born Indecent,

The Music Director
(remembers when it was RED Cross)
WWIB Community Auction Radio

Nazz Nomad said...

I got the audio from this show. (the flac is on dimeadozen but i converted it to mp3.
imma gonna post it on my site on friday:

yours in christ/satan/hecker ...

rico vanian aka nazz nomad aka cap trips

toecutter said...

RK didn't play "Look On Up" at Southpaw. And "Born Innocent" is called "Linda Blair".

Have a nice day.

PS- Colin Moulding from XTC lives in Brooklyn?

Lisanne McT said...

OK i stand corrected...i could of sworn they played "Look on up" though...

Anonymous said...

Jon Fell and John Hovorka can both be found around Brooklyn in Hipsterburg even though they both are way to old to be considered hipsters. Fell sadly has morphed from monster drummer into monster drum fixer and seller at Brooklyn's very own Main Drag Music. Hovorka is still cranking out shows in feeble little bars but I think they're probably pretty good. I can't believe they're both around still. I'm sure they're friends too. And yes Redd Kross RULED!!!