DeBlasio can be reached at 718-854-9791.

The Carroll Gardens Activist/Artist who goes by the name Art Dog has a new piece up at the Carroll Street Station as of last night and has sent me this message to pass along....

It looks like an awful lot of people in Carroll Gardens are trying to "Wake up Bill!!" (DeBlasio) as words to that effect plus his telephone number are painted across the top of the mural. They seem to be saying: Councilman, the clock is ticking on our beloved neighborhood (as we still know it) and you are STILL ASLEEP at the wheel.....!!

The new piece has a cord which is representing all the neighborhood groups who are fighting the rampant development in the neighborhood. At this point Carroll Gardens has five groups that I know of : Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, The Columbia Street Group, 340 Court Street Group, F.R.O.G.G (Friends and Residents of the Greater Gowanus) and of course C.O.R.D.

C.O.R.D urges everyone to call up Councilman Bill DeBlasio and wake him up. See number above!

Read more at the CORD Blog (Carroll Gardens Organization to Respectfully Develop).

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