Found on Bond Street near DeGraw.

I swear I didn't arrange this scenario! I passed by this grecian pogo stick scene (with broom I might add) on my way to that Gowanus Forum which even though representatives from the city, state and federal goverment were there, surprise surprise, not many of the communities concerns were answered. The city is using population and rain accumulation figures from 1987 to conduct their "studies". It's hard to believe this information is given out with straight faces. Nevermind the fact that condos are sprouting all around the Gowanus and the population will grow into the 10's of thousands once the Atlantic Yards are built. Oh and also what about the increase in heavy rain due to global warming? We all know heavy rain brings on the sewage and how about the combination of heavy rain and 1,000's of new residents? None of these issues were addressed by the panel but of course those were the questions that F.R.O.G.G and other local groups wanted to talk about. The general consensus on the panel was that if the Gowanus Canal were in Iraq we might get the funding to clean it up oh and that the City's Enviromental Protection Agency is open to everybody's "out of the box" comments. I'm sure they will be all over them (not!).

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Hope you took these finds home!!!