Christmas In Money Makin' Manhattan

My sister told me the other night that I have a bad relationship with people who have "money" and that I should stop bashing them on da blog. I really don't do it too much, yeah I had a fit about the couple with the double baby stroller on the subway, and yeah I also had a melt down on Smith Street one Sunday brunch time afternoon but I wouldn't have a problem if the people that had money walked around looking like Rita Hayworth, as I would if I could afford me some Alexander McQueen! F.I.B went to the 57th Avenue area today and was quite impressed with the Christmas windows in the old school New York Department store windows this year. These in particular are from Bergdorf's dahling...Anyway, it was another world from the craftsy Brooklyn Christmas stylee, I felt like I needed a face lift, a facial and a haircut. This one is for you Eileen!!!!


http://whowalkinbrooklyn.com said...

to summarize:

1) fuck high fashion, the wages they do & don't pay, & the ultra-inanity of the fashion press.

2) fuck SUV-sized strollers & arrogance of those who roll with 'em.

3) fuck brunch & especially fake ethnic brunch

4) fuck Smith Street chain stores & the fake independents with their 5th Avenue clones; AMAZING the Brooklyn Paper just woke up to this.

5) let us now praise Rita Hayworth's... gams, & John Garfield's, & Ida Lupino's too.

to quote the great poet Ice-T-- "I got to a right to be hostile!"


Angry M.F. Fisher
Food Writer
Who Walk In Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

Its hard to feel good about conspicuous consumption what with Mogadishu, Burma, etc. but man I want that silver sequined dress!!!

Anonymous said...

is there perhaps a middle ground between emulating vapid cookie cutter conspic. consumption and seething with hate over it? can there not be a confucian ability to find peace within, FIB, and nurture the beauty in yourself without denigrating yourself or others? can't there be a shrug of the existential shoulders and a deep harmonious ooommmm? wouldn't removing contention from life unleash creativity and happiness?

Oprah Boy said...

Two the previous commenters:

Fuck brunch? At first, I thought, "What a grouch!" But then I realized that we could all do without brunch. That's why I propose... LINNER! For those who wake up too late for the in-between breakfast/lunch associated with brunch, how about something in-between lunch and dinner?

There, Mr. Angry Fish, get some sleep and that will put you in a better mood for afternoon gourmandizing of flap jacks a la'orange' or dim sum afghan dishes.

And I propose you treat Miss Anonymous. I'm sure between talk of sequin dresses and the situation in Burma over some Vietnamese kippers, you'll have a meeting of the minds.

And to FIB's sister: Don't like pickin' on the rich, eh? Well, why don't you put your money where FIB's mouth is and pay her to NOT to issue her critiques! (Of course, i realize that FIB is a paragon of integrity and is immune to all blandishments. Still, I think the proposal is a sound one).

Anyone got any other problems for me to solve?

Lisanne McT said...

Hey Anon 12:41, i am not "seething with hate" or "denigrating" anyone...my rants are pretty damn tame!!!! and if you knew me personally (although i ave a sneaking suspicion I know who you are!!! handbags anyone?) you would find that I have no problem unleashing creativity and happiness, come to my apartment and you'd see that..or better yet, i am curating an art show and getting some bands together on Feb. 2nd, come check it out..unleashing creativity is the LEAST of my problems...

the sister said...

To Oprah Boy,

From: "the sister"

I happen to be one of FIB's greatest admirers and look for her pearls of wisdom and humor everyday. I think that someone should actually be paying her to write - is there anyone out there who'd like to do so? Maybe you?
I didn't say "don't be pickin on the rich". My comments were more along the lines of "not all who are rich are bad, not all who live in condos or even who develop condos are bad, etc". I see an equal number of people without money being jerks as I do see people with money being jerks. It all balances out. And generally, the people who pay me to do what I do,have some money. If I have contempt for them, it will come back to me. That was pretty much the essence.

Lisanne McT said...

And I agree sister! Contrary to what everyone went off on here, i actually WAS blown away by the windows in Manhattan and I still don't see myself as "seething" about anything, I think I just shoot from the hip, I calls them as I see's them. I know there is a middle ground, I just happened to be in midtown yesterday and photographed this stuff. As an artist who has supported herself doing displays and designing for glitzy parties for "the rich" I was impressed with my fellow artists who are paying the rent amazing creativity and craftmanship!

IckyInBrooklyn said...

Hey Anon 12:41 -

Is there perhaps a middle ground between your know-it-all pontificating and respecting someone's feelings? Your predilection for preach suggests perhaps you should start your own blog. Or maybe a church. A suggestion though: People don't generally like it when you enter their house with a mouth full of admonitions. Really 12:41, what a bore. I gotcher creativity and happiness right here.


Oprah Boy (aka Richie Richmanowitz) said...

Dear FIB and FIB Sister:

I think you both make a lot of sense. And I regret any misdirected seething.

I agree that FIB is a brilliant writer and reporter who should be paid lots of money for her creativity. FIB is a rock star and should be treated as such.

I hope 2008 bring all manner of wealth to all involved in this string of posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Now what about my linner invitaiton?!!! Wasn't that what really mattered after all??
Miss Anonymous

Oprah Boy said...

Yes! Let's all have Linner! Maybe that'll calm down Icky too! Talk about pots telling kettles not to pontificate with their mouths open!

I think it's up to me to wrap this thing up. Let's take a look at what we've learned today:

-The rich are just like you and me. Except they have more money and don't bother with blog postings.

- Everyone loves Rita Hayworth.

- No one hates the idea of Linner. And if you steal this idea, I will sue you. And I will have a fat woman sit on you. in addition to the upcoming FIB ART SHOW AND EVENT CAVALCADE at FREDDY'S BAR & GRILL in Feb., we should organize weekly FIB Linner meetups. Angry Fish, where can we get fake ethnic food? I live in Sunset Park (and I have a pied a terre in Sheepshead Bay), so i don't know from fake ethnics, only real ones, so I am intrigued!

- The middle ground is under construction. Condos are being built on top of it.

- Creativity can get you hurt.

- Sequin dresses are not for everyone. Though Inky, MKF Angry Fisher King and the two Anons will soon be having a hair-pulling fight over the last one in their size.

- Everyone loves FIB has a wonderful sister who knows when to stick up for family.


Icky said...

Hey, can't a guy have a little fun? I'm all *about* calling the kettle black! That's my MO! =)

All in the name of entertainment and defending our friends' honor, OB. Happy holidays to all, especially Lisanne! FIB is a large part of the wicked beast that is the Brooklyn Blogging Community.

I gotta go cook a turkey.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying as 2008 draws nigh that you're the first person to think of "linner"? That is so cute!! My regrets to your mama; I know she was lookin forward to gettin her sit on.

Anonymous said...

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