Overdevelopment a Runaway Train?

The Artist/Activist known as Art Dog has had to find new venues for his or her message as the paintings (or as Councilman Bill de Blasio has called "graffiti") have been being destroyed recently. Looks like this expressionist piece is comparing "out of control development" to a "runaway train".

F.I.B likes to look at this as a symbol not just for Carroll Gardens but for ALL of Brooklyn.

Anyway, here is the cryptic message that came along with this photo.

Seen in a 'prominent' Upper East Side gallery recently,
this painting has the words:
"OVERDEVELOPMENT in Carroll Gardens is a runaway train."
"Where is the Councilman?"
"Who really cares about 360 Smith Street?"
"Shame on Bill D. and Billy Stein: Second Place is not a wide street!"

Signed, NYC Art Lover

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brian said...

sic 'em art dog-- woof!

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